A Basic Guide to Parking Stops

Parking stops, otherwise known as wheel stops or parking blocks, are simple blocking mechanisms that are meant to stop a vehicle from rolling forward when parked in a certain area. Parking stops are similar to speed bumps in the way that they are made, but they are usually taller and they have steeper sides. Speed bumps are meant to be driven over, but wheel stops are meant to actually prevent a car from moving. If you have a parking lot for your business, some of these blocks may be of benefit to you. Here is a basic overview of what parking blocks are and how they function.

How Parking Blocks Are Made

There are many materials that these blocks can be made out of. Many older models were made from concrete, but recently manufacturers have tried to move their efforts to recycled materials. Rubber and recycled plastic blocks are available, and they can be just as sufficient as concrete blocks are. These are less likely to break over time as well. All of these materials are made into long blocks of varying sizes. The blocks are shaped like trapezoids, and they are usually made to be a few inches high. Then they can be painted in color according to your needs.

Where Parking Stops Are Used

Wheel stops are used in parking lots all around, but most people will see them at schools, large department stores, churches, stadiums, or other places where the parking lot is expansive. These stops can be used on gravel parking lots to make where the rows of parking are when there is not painting option. Most people will not use them on a dirt parking lot, but they are versatile enough to work almost anywhere.

Sizes of Parking Stops

You can custom order these stops in many sizes if you desperately need to, but most people are fine with the pre-made dimensions. Companies may vary the size of their stops, but for the most part, you can select from a 4 foot block, 6 foot block, or 8 foot model, depending on what you need. Buying in bulk will save you money in the long run, but you will have to assess your costs to find out what is right for you. Any custom work that needs to be done will add to the pricing as well.


No matter what kind of parking lot you have or what kind of cars park there, you may be able to benefit from parking blocks. There are plenty of models to choose from out there, and all of the installation material should come with your blocks. If you know you will not be able to install the blocks on your own, you may want to think about hiring a company to do that for you. That way you are taken care of from all angles. If you look around online, you will be able to see just how many options you have for parking blocks. You will be able to protect your parking lot in no time.

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