ANSI Class 3 Vest

Out of the many traffic safety devices being advertised to construction and traffic employers, there is only one that can sufficiently keep an employee safe from vehicle-related injury. Barricades do deter vehicles from entering into hazardous work zones but, they do not make the employee visible to drivers. In this case, the best safety device to use in these types of circumstances is a class 3 vest.

Class 3 ANSI Vest

A class 3 vest is the brightest reflective garment that can be worn by an employee on a hazardous worksite and has been endorsed by the American National Standards Institute. It is apparent to any motorists traveling at high speeds and highly visible in bad lighting conditions. Compared to the lower class 1 and 2 vest, a class 3 vest has twice the amount of reflective material than a class 1 vest and almost doubles the amount of high visibility material than the class 2.

Maintains High Visibility

When incorporated into high speed environments like airport runways, the class 3 vest does a superb job of keeping Ground Traffic Control visible to pilots. Usually paired with marshalling wands, these vests allow for pilots to easily distinguish when an aviation employee is on the runway. Employees that “chock” or place garage car stops near the wheel of a plane must wear these garments.  If an employee placing garage car stops on the plane fail to wear these garments at all hours, they create of the risk of being injured by the plane. Ironically, marshalling wands and vest are also used by special events staff and traffic control.

Remain Easily Distinguishable

All traffic devices have a purpose to try to keep pedestrians, motorists and employees as safe as possible. Vests are important because they allow people to become distinguishable to motorists while they are in commute. Equipment like barricades does provide a buffer between hazardous zones and safe zones, but in the case that a barrier is breached, one must be able to locate a worker if they happen to be become injured as well. Vest are like identifiers that helps can help a motorist know that someone is there and allows managers to locate their employees when necessary.

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