Barricade and Flasher Highway Equipment

If you want the best discount safety barricade, then look at the variety on the market. The new materials in safety barriers and traffic barricades make them long-lasting and a tremendous value at any reasonable price. A discount safety barricade is a great way to make sure your business is following OSHA and federal highway standards. Keeping safety barriers up not only protects workers or passers-by, it also protects the contractor from fines or the expense of accidents. This is why traffic barricades are money savers from the get-go.

If you want flashers you can get contract grade LED Barricade Flashers for less than twenty dollars apiece. These flashers come in two models; both of which are made in the United States. These are extremely energy efficient which makes them ‘greener’ than the old incandescent style. They even turn themselves off during the day, saving battery life even more. The standard uses a 6-volt lantern battery. The compact uses two D-cell flashlight batteries. Purchasing the kit from the Traffic Safety Store can save even more per flasher because it includes the batteries. All flashers come with two settings: steady or flash.

If you can wait for your savings, you can try the higher priced green model: the solar flasher can save money in the long run because it does not need new batteries. It recharges its photo cell over and over again, saving money and energy. Many of the Traffic Safety Store’s items have a ‘green’ feature; some barricades are made of recycled materials. Others have bases made entirely of recycled rubber.

All flashers can be attached to drums, folding a-frames, and other safety equipment. One cost effective way to span long distances is the A-cade barrier which includes two A frames and a reflective plastic rail. This durable combination can be seen even at night and flashers can be added for extra safety. A popular safety barrier is the two-color reflective drum. Another inexpensive choice is the cone and cone bar system. This allows the use of safety cones paired with a reflective bar. It is a cost effective way to provide quick and efficient crowd control or to block off an area from drivers or pedestrians. The folding a-frame has reflective panel, is lightweight, stackable and easy to both transport and store.

Everything at the Traffic Safety Store reduces in price the more you need to order. This helps everyone keep their costs down. Safety is a good business practice, but it shouldn’t be difficult or costly to find the perfect traffic barricades or safety barriers for your needs.

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