Safety Glasses Just Got Better

Safety glasses have forever been just another OSHA or ANSI requirement on the work site.

No one ever even considered they may like or enjoy wearing their safety glasses, even if they were utilizing a more attractive brand or model, simply because they always just looked like protective eyewear… until now.

Thanks to Brand X Safety, safety glasses are making the drastic move from glasses to sunglasses. Yes, these are not your Dad’s eye safety gear, these are safety sunglasses.

You will notice the new styles of frames resemble both Oakley™ and RayBan™ style models. All styles will soon be available with polarized high-impact lenses and all styles are currently offer UV protection and meet strict ANSI 87.1 safety glass requirements.

If You’re Looking for The Best Safety Glasses

Then you have come to right place. New BrandX protective eyewear is now available in a wide variety of frames styles, lens including clear, yellow, blue, mirrored, amber, and many more.

For the full range of safety glasses that can now be purchased check out safety glasses on

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