Buying Speed Bumps

Trying to stop speeding drivers from whizzing by your driveway? Has it become unsafe for you to back out of your residence when exiting the home? Are motorists treating your commercial parking lot like they’ve entered into the Sprint Cup series of NASCAR racing? If you happened to be faced with any of these problems, then it is time to invest in a little old thing called a speed bump.

Speed bumps are great traffic calming solutions for roadways that have the constant problem of unwanted speeding drivers or where there is a large amount of pedestrian traffic and their traffic lights or stop signs nearby. These trusty devices are easily attainable and will not give you a run for your money.

Most traffic safety stores carry a variety of speed bumps along with other traffic calming solutions such as the recycled speed hump. Depending on preference, sales representatives can help with deciding on which speed bump is right for you. Some of the major styles carried are the “Economic plastic speed bump”, the “Reflective Rubber Speed Bump”, the “Portable EDPM rubber speed bump” and the alternative “Recycled speed hump”.  All items are guaranteed to have quick shipping options and decrease in price if you buy in bulk.

The benefits of investing in speed bumps are obvious. When a speed bump is installed, it immediately reduces unwanted speeding from occurring on your property. By reducing the number of speeding drivers, it reduces the number of unwanted accidents which will save everyone from having an unwanted headache. Speed bumps work by encouraging drivers to slow down while they’re maneuvering over the device. Of course, anyone could still attempt to drive over it but doing so would result in major discomfort or even damage to the underbelly of the car.

All in all, it is best to at least give the investment a try. Besides the quick shipping, standard size speed bumps won’t cost more than 100 bucks which a great price in exchange for safer driving conditions.

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