Commercial Parking Blocks

Why use parking blocks? Parking blocks are used to provide an indication to drivers that they are all the way in a space. They can also be used to discourage drivers from pulling forward out of a space in situations where that might be difficult. Some people also use them in their garage to reduce the risk of driving into the wall.

Parking blocks do not stop a vehicle, but they do let the driver know clearly when they have touched them. For most purposes, a yellow parking block is best. A yellow parking block is the most visible color. Grey is also very popular, to resemble the older concrete blocks used in some lots. Blue parking blocks are sometimes used to indicate disabled spaces. White makes for a consistent look, but is a poor choice in areas prone to heavy snow. Blocks need to be visible to pedestrians so as not to become a tripping hazard.

Parking lot curb stops can also reduce the risk of hitting another car by encouraging drivers not to pull to far into a space. In situations where cars are parked nose to nose, this can prevent fender benders. Commercial parking blocks are more solid, designed to also stop light trucks, and industrial strength ones intended for trucks or forklifts are also available. Oversized blocks meant just for trucks are handy for loading docks and truck stops.

At the other end of the scale, parking stops garage are designed for use in your garage. If you find it hard to judge your distance from the wall, these parking stops garage are exactly what you need. Just position them such that you hit them before the end of your vehicle gets too close to the wall, but after you are far enough in to close the door and never have to worry about driving into the wall again.

These parking blocks and parking lot curb stops are made of recycled plastic and rubber that is lighter than concrete, can be installed by one person, and never need painting. They are easily removable for maintenance purposes or when plowing the lot. They are not damaged by salt or chemicals, and will last for years. Rubber blocks are ideal for gravel lots, as they lie naturally flat regardless of the surface underneath. Some of our parking blocks are reflective for extra visibility.

Whatever your needs, our selection has the commercial parking blocks for you

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