Constructions Flags Improve Worksite Safety

A construction zone is always hazardous for workers, motorists and pedestrians. Doing work on the street can involve digging up the concrete, replacing underground pipes and dealing with below-ground electrical systems. Pedestrians and motorists must be alerted to the presence of the zone. Methods for accomplishing this include reduced speed limits, restricting traffic flow by reducing the number of lanes and using construction flags. Attention-getting measures like these help save lives and prevent the worst from happening. Construction flags are used to attract motorists’ attention. They are usually bright red and orange with black wording, making it easy to see them.

Flags are used by construction workers to tell motorists what to do. One measure that is always in place is clearly-marked signs. Usually a worker holds a post with signs on both sides. One side tells the driver to stop and the other tells him to proceed slowly. This device works very well in managing traffic, and when combined with flags and reduced lanes is very effective. Sometimes additional measures are needed. In situations where construction workers are not present, but there is nonetheless a danger to motorists who drive carelessly, they must be alerted. This is where a good set of PVC flags can come in handy.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is an extremely durable plastic. PVC is used to make a variety of materials and objects such as water and gas pipes. The strength of the material is such that flags made from it are difficult to tear or rip. This makes PVC perfect for a construction flag. PVC flags are used to direct the flow of traffic around the construction site to protect the construction workers and the motorists. PVC is a material that has many uses, and it works especially well in the form of a red or orange flag.

PVC is also used to make airport flags for directing planes. A large airport sees hundreds of flights per day. Each of these flights must be directed into the proper terminal. Flags made from PVC work well for this purpose. Ground controllers use these flags or electrically-lighted batons to guide airplanes into and out of terminals. Airport flags are some of the most useful tools when directing airplanes. These massive machines can cause a lot of damage and cost a lot of money. PVC flags are strong enough to get the job done.

Take the problems of a construction zone on the street, add in those of an airport, and a serious headache results. Airport construction is extremely hazardous and can be extremely costly. Construction workers on an airfield are rarely in danger from the airplanes themselves. Airport construction flags are used to demarcate where a zone ends and begins. These flags clearly set the edge of the zone and allow pilots or airport terminal workers to direct airplane traffic accordingly. Airport construction flags made of PVC are sturdy and bright. Usually they have reflective materials sewn in to make them stand out even more.

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