Easy Pop Up Traffic Cones

Although one of the most simple of all the traffic safety tools, road cones have more than likely saved more lives than any safety tool in existence. With the vast numbers of law enforcement and emergency personnel, truck drivers, tow men, and regular citizens that use cones in emergency situations, the road cone is probably the most popular traffic safety tool also.

Road Cones Are Great, but..

However, there is one problem with the typical road cone, its size.

The size of traffic safety cones is essential to visibility in low light or high traffic situations, but this same size can make traffic safety cones too bulky to fit into vehicle trunks, truck toolboxes, and other storage compartments. Despite these spatial challenges, a recent solution offers cone users convenience and traditional functions in one.

The Solution is Pop-Up Cones

Unlike colored traffic cones, pop-up cones have the unique ability to compress into a small package for transport and then expand for deployment along the road side, in the construction zone, or at the parking lot. With pop-up cones, traffic safety personnel can store a sizable number of cones in a small storage box that is included with the cones. Once the pop-up cones are needed, the traffic safety officer simply has to deploy the cones in the appropriate place.

Similar But Different

Pop-up cones are quite similar to colored traffic cones. Both have reflective collars, a sturdy rubber base, and a fluorescent color scheme. The major difference between the two is convenience. Whereas only a few cones can fit into a standard sized toolbox, many more pop-up cones could be stored in the same spot and still consume less space.

Great Alternative

Pop-up traffic cones are an excellent alternative to traditional traffic cones, for they allow safety personnel to conveniently stow one of the most essential tools of traffic control. So whether they are used to direct vehicles around an accident scene or funnel motorists through a tool booth, pop-up cones give you a second-choice for traffic control. Purchase some pop-up cones today, and add some space to your toolbox.

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