Free Lettering on Safety Vest Orders Over 25

Right now for a limited time, the Traffic Safety Store is offering FREE, Non-Reflective lettering on safety vest orders of 25 or more. If you have been thinking or waiting to make your ANSI class 2 and class 3 safety vest purchases, now is the time to act.

With vest lettering usually costing around $5.00 per vest this is your chance to save at least $125! That’s 17% Off!

Frequently Asked Questions About Safety Vest Lettering

What is the material?

Vinyl letters cut on our computerized cutter that have a heat activated adhesive. Non-reflective letters are matte black. Reflective letters are silver, glass beads on a vinyl heat activated adhesive.

What can you put on the vest?

Our equipment allows us to cut virtually any letters or words. Most customers want the letters on the back in one of two places; lower on the back between the two horizontal reflective stripes or higher on the shoulders between the “V” reflective stripes.

How big can you make the letters?

The limitation is generally the width of the back of the vest. 14″ wide with a maximum height off 2″ is the optimum layout for most customers. Wider than 14″ and the words become hard to read.

If you have any additional questions, please call Traffic Safety Store at (800) 429-9030. Also be sure to check out our newest safety vest store website for the latest safety vest news.

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