Garage Floor Blocks Can Look Good Without Paint

Garage tire stoppers were once strictly cement. They could really do a number on a driver’s car. Sometimes drivers don’t see the plain gray cement blocks and run over them, damaging their car. Sometimes drivers misjudge distances and run into them, causing wear and tear on their front end. Cement garage bumpers are extremely heavy and impossible to move without heavy machinery. This makes them expensive to transport and expensive to install.

All of this expense and vehicle mangling has come to an end. Plastic or rubber garage floor stops are the new normal. Made of recycled materials, they are also ‘green’ which appeals to many consumers.

Rubber garage tire stoppers fit easily to uneven surfaces. With three ways to install them, they are easy to place. Their low weight makes it possible for them to be shipped without a heavy price tag and to be moved without the hefty price tag of heavy equipment and extra workers.

100 percent recycled, rubber garage floor stops keep 3.4 tires out of the landfills. Unlike cement stoppers, rubber stops keep their shape, don’t decay quickly or fade fast. They keep their lovely black or blue color and are much more easily seen due to their white or yellow markings. Rubber stops come in black with yellow or white markings and handicapped blue with white markings. These garage bumpers come in six foot, four foot and three foot sizes.

Home owners can even find a special rubber garage stop to help them in their own personal garage or carport. The special 22 inch long home garage stop is perfect to help drivers park expertly in limited space.

The plastic garage bumper keeps a hundred or more milk jugs out of landfills. The commercial stop is LEED certified. It comes in white, gray, blue and yellow and is six feet long. The industrial stops are bright white, bright yellow, blue and gray and they come in four foot and six foot sizes. The plastic garage bumpers are only 30 pounds and easily moved, but they resist punishing use by the heavy machinery and trucks on the worksite. Equally resilient but less costly are the 18 pound economy plastic garage tire stoppers. These do the same job but with slightly less mass and size. Another choice is the bright yellow, 8 foot truck tire bumper.

All of these recycled products outdo the traditional cement in weight, design and durability. Garage owners will appreciate the long lasting color quality and the inexpensive installation. Drivers will appreciate the soft touch if they mistakenly drive into or over the blocks. Whether plastic or cement, the products will last a long, long time.

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