Hazard Triangles

Hazard triangles are warning signs used to warn people of a danger, emergency or a problem on the road. Hazard triangles are in the shape of a triangle, and are generally orange in color. This bright color is used because it is easy to see and it stands out really well. These triangle reflectors, and are often made of rugged plastic and are built to withstand strong winds; which often occur on highways. They generally come with a base that contains a non-slip pad, making them durable for highway use.

Reflective triangles for semi trucks are a necessity. It is extremely vital for all truck drivers to carry at least one warning triangle in their trucks, at all times. Many trucking companies create safety boxes for each truck they own. Within these boxes, they place multiple types of safety equipment, including flashlights, tools and many times, multiple warning triangles.

Many people who drive cars also carry a triangle reflector, in case an emergency occurs. For truck drivers, if an emergency occurs and they must pull over, this bright orange sign is one way that further problems, or hazards, are prevented. For cars, carrying hazard triangles is not quite as important. Most drivers can completely pull a car off of the road, in the event of an emergency, posing a smaller risk than a large truck does when it pulls off the road. Reflective triangles for semi trucks are not an option. All truck drivers should carry at least one warning triangle at all times.

Other uses for hazard triangles are for people driving farm equipment on roads, and therefore many farmers carry one with them at all times. Road crews that are performing work also use these triangle reflectors. They can alert drivers that traffic is stopped or is moving slow. Using these signs is just one way to promote road safety. They do not prevent all hazards from occurring, but they do help.

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