Highway Safety Equipment

Let’s face it. Highway accidents and collisions are not just a result of cars and roads, it is a result of the activities that people are engaged in while driving or working on a road. It is not a factor of how many times a road is repaired or how safe a car is which solely contributes to the quality of safety on a highway, but it is also a result of the protective procedures and traffic equipment used that affects an individual’s driving experiences as well. Highway safety equipment is that buffer that holds together the world of traffic safety.  Without devices like signs, flags and triangle reflectors, interstate highways would be a mess and all motorists would be at a greater risk for traffic-related injuries.

A prominent factor about highway safety equipment is its ability to drastically decrease the number of high-speed accidents over the years.  It has achieved this goal by means of high visibility and reflection technique. Traffic safety signs and safety flags come in brilliant fluorescent hues generally from one side of the color spectrum (yellow, orange and red). These colors are used as background material and are very apparent to the human eye.  Signs often have silhouettes and symbols printed atop the background that give specific instruction to drivers or notify them of upcoming road conditions. Both the signs and flags work as informative guides that tell drivers what to do or what to expect so they are constantly aware of their traffic environment.

Triangle reflector kits are for personal vehicle use. Similar to the previously mentioned equipment, it acts as a signaler which alerts a driver that there is a car on the side of the road.  It mirrors a miniature pyramid when erect and can be seen from miles away via retroreflection.  The reflection technique or retroreflection causes the light from a car’s headlights to bounce back off of the triangle and return directly to the sender (the approaching driver). This device is highly effective because it makes clear that there is still a person at the car. A broken down vehicle can be mistaken as an “abandoned vehicle” which could cause a highway driver to overlook the predicament and to continue at the same speed when driving pass the troubled car. It is always in the best interest of mobile drivers to be considerate of stranded vehicles on the side of the road.

Taking the steps to incorporate safety equipment onto a roadway is always a smart decision.  It is available for purchase to the public for reason and it is so we have the power to contribute while improving our driving environments.

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