Injured Boys Parents Want Speed Bumps!

We came across an upsetting news article today about a young boy in Menifee, CA who was struck in the head by a driver on a public street. The street is in a residential neighborhood where many children play basketball and have hoops setup in the street. The parents and community members are pushing for speed bumps:

given the number of children in the neighborhood and the proximity to the park, it would make sense to have speed bumps on Catano Road. Betti Cadmus, a spokeswoman for the Menifee Union School District, said several Ridgemoor Elementary School parents support the idea

Read the full story here.

We here at the Safety Store are a big advocate of utilizing speed bumps to help calm speeders in high congestion areas, for more information be sure to check out our post “Bump Speed Down with Rubber Speed Bumps.”

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