LED Traffic Baton

Convenience and effectiveness are the two qualities that any lighting tool should have with regards to traffic safety. One should not have to scurry to install a device or have to continuously relight it. A well-manufactured product that exudes both qualities is the led traffic baton.  This style of tubular lighting device is ideal for traffic guards, law enforcement, special events personnel and airport runway staff that have to signal to motorists where to drive.

The led traffic baton is made up of two sections. It is part flashlight and part wand. Traffic flashlights were originally made for only incandescent light use but are now made up of LED lights. The LED flashlight portion contains 4 to 8 brilliant light-emitting diodes which have a longer life span than incandescent bulbs and use less power to do so. The baton or “wand” portion is typically red and can become illuminated when attached to the flashlight portion. Traffic wands can also come in a pink cone-like design whereas these models are not made with LED lights.

Three of the most common models used by the traffic control staff are the “Compact”, the “Slim-line” and the “Ultra-Bright”. The “ultra-bright” model obviously gives off the most intense glow while the “Compact” can be stored in smaller areas and is a petite version of the wand. The “Slim-line” has the thinnest cylinder portion but it also still highly visible in both the day and night hours.

All traffic safety wands come with a “belt-clip” so it can be easily stored on the body or draped around another object.  Polycarbonate diffuser enhances the wand portion of the device adding extra intense illumination within the white tip at the end of the tube.

Because traffic batons are hand-held and are easily visible during all hours, these devices make traffic control’s job less complicated.  All occupations that must manage traffic have the primary responsibility of keeping motorists safe and the LED traffic baton secures ensures that this duty of guiding drivers is as clear and straight-forward as possible.

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