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This will be the first post on Safety Store that is not specifically referencing one of our 6 core product groups. We have decided to write this post about traffic cone lights because we have found that while there are many suppliers of cone lights and safety lights, there are not many specific examples of what these products are, how they are used, and what distinguishes quality from junk.

We are going to look at some specific model cone lights:


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To get started, the 3 Volt and 6 volt flasher lights are ideal for barricades and barriers. These safety lights add much needed light and illumination to road and highway work zones, pedestrian pathways, or blocked intersections. A true traffic barricade LED flasher light , this model consumes only a fraction of battery power in comparison with similar incandescent lamp models. It is photo-cell controlled so it turns off automatically in daylight, and has two available settings; steady-on and continuous flash. The 3 and 6 volt variations, in addition to providing differential output from different voltage power sources, they also offer the ability for you to choose a standard or compact size barricade flasher, dependent upon the needs of your application.


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360 degree red safety lights are the perfect application for traffic zones or situations where you need to provide pedestrian and motorist awareness in all directions. This light comes complete with batteries and mounting hardware. This LED, D-Cell powered traffic barricade marking light bolts directly to almost ALL barricade designs, traffic drums, grabber cones, and much more. My favorite part about this light is that it has both steady-on and flashing modes. This is combination with a photo-cell controller (so the light turns off automatically in the daytime) makes this a no brainer. Another cool feature is that this particular model (available here: 360 degree red traffic barricade light) has a battery case that holds four batteries to double the life between battery changes.


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B-Flasher lights, or this one particularly; the red LED B-Flasher safety light, is a compact, self-contained, super bright class-b light perfect for stops signs or any other traffic application where additional attention is needed. This 3 volt, LED powered safety light is powered by 2-4  D-cell batteries (that are sold separately)  which is actually for enhanced convenience versus your more traditional B-class flasher lights which have dangling (dangerous) power cables attaching to large battery boxes on the ground (hazardous). The great thing about B-class flasher lights is that the steady-flash mode is continuous both day and night to truly provide constant 24 hour awareness, which lasts (with 4 batteries) for 30-45 days straight. The built-in photo-cell light detector also auto-dims the brightness during the daytime by 50% to prolong battery life and reduce potentially distracting glare to passing drivers.


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This version of the b-class flasher, the solar  B-class flasher light comes with all of the same functionality and features as the battery-driven photo-cell, except it is significantly more earth-friendly and the return on investment extends much further, as it is powered by a sustainable solar-power source versus disposable and costly batteries. This safety flasher still features LED powered lights, steady-on and continuous flashing modes, and is significantly lighter than than it’s battery powered brothers since it does not have a battery case retro-fit into the design.


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Originally designed specifically for airport barricades, this solar CO1 barricade flasher light is airfield grade, solar powered, and meets all current FAA advisory circular 150 / 5370-2E requirements. This airport flasher light has no batteries to install, the sealed 1.2 volt battery require on-day’s charge and can begin service right out of the box. Simply install this flasher light on your airport barricades and forget  about them! Flashes at a rate of 55 flashes per minute for up to 72 hours on a full charge. Mounts easily and directly to 10×96 airport water filler barriers. At only 5 1/2″ tall, the CO1 flashers provide unsurpassed day and nighttime visibility with maximum clearance below aircraft wings.

If you haven’t check it out yet, definitely take a peek at our post on selecting the right traffic cones, this post goes over all of trhe various applications for different traffic cones. We hope you found this post both informative and helpful. Stay tuned for more helpful and detailed posts on traffic safety supplies. And as always, please do not hesitate to submit your content and stay safe out there.

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