LED Wands v. Flashlight Traffic Wands

The safety of children, pedestrians, and roadside construction and emergency workers has become more of a priority in the public consciousness in recent years. As a result, there have been greater efforts shifted toward the provision of high quality traffic safety equipment to help the men and women who work on the nation’s roads get their jobs done with as little danger as possible. This is precisely where the addition of lighted traffic wands can be so useful. Whether one is dealing with an accident scene on the side of a highway or simply a sporting event or concert where there is a need to direct traffic quickly, safely, and efficiently, having a safety wand present can make the task significantly easier. This article will discuss some of the features of LED traffic wands and the advantages they provide over traditional traffic direction wands.

First of all, purchasing a safety wand is a great idea whether one is dealing with accident and emergency situations or simply with routine traffic and parking direction situations. This is because lighted traffic wands are cheap to purchase and highly effective when LED traffic wands are used. These are the newest kinds of wands available, and because they use light emitting diodes, or LEDs, they provide light that is not only brighter but easier on batteries. With LED lighted wands, the bulbs do not have to be changed nearly as often, which is a great convenience. Similarly, the additional brightness makes them more useful in situations where visibility is of the utmost importance.

It is typically possible to purchase traffic wands in three versions when they are purchased from a good traffic safety store. There is the ultra bright LED traffic wand version, which is the brightest option available. These are typically powered by eight LEDs and include flash and steady on modes. The flash mode is great for getting additional attention from pedestrians, children, and motor vehicle drivers, while the steady on mode is good for providing a consistent marker of where vehicles should not travel. These wands are powered by a pair of D sized batteries, which are sold separately.

Beyond the ultra bright version, it is also possible to purchase a slim line wand, which allows workers to save room in their tow trucks or emergency vehicles. Space comes at a premium, and not having to spend as much of it on lights and wands means more space can be devoted to other important supplies one must bring along. These wands include five LEDs inside and are powered by C sized batteries instead of D sized batteries. however, they still include flash and steady on modes, which makes them useful in day time and night time situations.

Finally, there are compact 9 inch LED traffic wands, which are particularly useful for situations where there just is not enough space to use full sized wands. They are also easier to hold for extended periods of time since they are lighter than traditional 13 inch wands.

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