Lime Traffic Cone

The importance of the use of traffic cones cannot be overstated.  In the world of construction, where automobiles of all sizes are constantly hurtling past at high speeds, the illusory barrier of a line of orange cones provides some very real protection.  The ability to alert drivers to one’s presence on or near the roadway is important, so it is equally important to have an ample supply of traffic cones in order to create a discernible divider line.  Even when used in sporting events, a line of orange cones, when used together, can effectively create a very apparent side line.  When used independently, a traffic cone can identify potholes, ditches or cave-ins.  A single green traffic cone will effectively mark a private parking space or a wet floor in a store.  A traffic cones sale may be a good place to find a large quantity of cheap traffic cones, but for a reliable consistent source and the freedom to order everything from a lime traffic cone to a LED traffic wand, it is best to find a large supplier that one can call upon for all of their needs.

One such useful variation on the traditional traffic cone, for instance, are Traffix “Grabber” Cones.  These “grabber” cones feature a comfortable and convenient hand hold at the top for easy placement.  Because these cones are taller (available in 28 or 42 inch sizes) and have a hand hold, they can easily be placed on the driving surface even while riding in the back of a construction vehicle.  Their added height and recessed reflector strips also makes them easily visible at a further distance.  These cones also feature a convenient mounting hole for barricade flashers or for stringing chains or caution tape between cones.  They’re also produced to be durable and are manufactured with low density polyethylene, which meets Federal MUTCD standards and is 100% recyclable.  Another alternative to traditional cones that still has the height and vibrancy required to be seen from a longer distance is a 28 inch lime traffic cone, which is also made from 100% recycled material and can be equipped with custom lettering.

Though it may be tempting to jump on a traffic cones sale because it seems like one is getting a great limited time deal, the best suppliers are those who can always deliver an assortment quality products at affordable prices.  Having a supply of orange traffic cones is important, however, it is just as important to make sure that one can tackle any situation when it arises, and this entails having a multitude of traffic safety tools—a flasher, a temporary sign, a green traffic cone—to suit any need.

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  1. Hello! Im interested in buy some of those traffic cones, i need 300 for a big event. Please give me price of 300 cones if you guys have them. Thank you.

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