Looper Tubes

A growing amount of safety equipment is making its way onto roads and highways everywhere in the United States as people look for safer methods of marking hazards and obstructions for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Examples of such safety equipment include delineator posts, traffic looper tubes, and traffic cones, which are commonly used in crowd control and accident avoidance situations. This article will discuss some of these pieces of equipment and the advantages they may confer when used in a variety of public and private road environments.

The advantages of traffic cones are well known, but the advantages of traffix looper tubes in particular are less know. These tubes are commonly used in sets of three or four to mark off areas that are closed to pedestrian, cycle, and vehicular traffic.

In most cases, traffix looper tubes will be 42 inches, or three feet and six inches tall, and will include a 12 pound base that makes them heavy and stable enough to support themselves in most conditions. The height of the tubes means that they are also likely to be visible from some distance away, especially when they are painted bright orange and covered with 3 or 4 inch reflective collars, as is often the case.

It is possible to buy looper tubes without reflective collars, but these will be less visible and will therefore provide less safety to pedestrians, cyclists, and operators of motor vehicles who need to avoid obstructions and road closings. Therefore, it is probably a good idea to select tubes that include collars. In most situations, looper tubes will comes with a 5 inch tall loop that is built into the tube and which can be used as a handle for the tube.

Of course, the primary aim of the tube within the looper tube, however, is to provide room for the use of a caution tape, plastic chain, or rope. Such tapes, chains, and ropes are sold separately, but they can easily be installed within three or four looper tubes in order to create an excellent barrier to crowds and vehicles. They will ideally be coated with ultra violet inhibitors to make them less likely to fade over time. All of these features make looper tubes an excellent choice for crowd control applications.

Delineator posts can also be used for crowd control applications, but they are more likely to be used to keep vehicular traffic away from barriers and the edge of the road. They are flexible, which means they will be less likely to be damaged by accidental impacts from vehicles. They typically will stand 48 inches tall when inserted into the ground, which means they will be four feet above the ground.

Typically they are three inches tall and include a high intensity reflective panel at the top, which then reflects light from oncoming vehicles to alert them to turns and bends in a road or hazards that may be difficult to view from a distance or from inside a vehicle. They are an essential part of any road safety tool kit.

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