MUTCD Speed Bump

Nothing encourages drivers to slow down more than a highly reflective rubber speed bump. The portable, easy-to-install models available today are favored because of their light weight, the ability to have them in place within minutes and the fact that they can be installed without any type of heavy duty equipment or tools. Equally popular are the plastic speed humps that are commonly used for entrances into apartment complexes, industrial parking lots and in school zones. Wherever traffic needs to be slowed, there is a speed bump for the job. The preferred units are those which meet MUTCD standards set forth by the federal government and are considered street legal by law enforcement agencies.

Affordable Solid Plastic Speed Bumps
These are economical in price, but stand up well to countless contacts with passenger and industrial vehicles. Bright yellow in color and available in lengths ranging from 4-12 feet, these highly visible traffic bumps are easily placed on either asphalt or gravel surfaces. The coloration is molded directly into the plastic itself so there is no need for repainting. The material is 100 percent recycled, resists degradation due to contact with chemicals and can be connected together for an even wider traffic control strip. Most are two inches in height and 10 inches in width, easy to transport in a flatbed or long bed pickup. Pre-drilled holes make for easy installation using lag bolts or 12 inch spikes.

Heavy Duty Reflective Rubber Or Plastic Speed Bump
The familiar black and yellow striped design of these traffic bumps is easily seen by drivers and also serves as a caution in warehouses, auto garages and industrial parking lots. These rubber traffic bumps are made from recycled tires and are therefore environmentally friendly. And their flexible design means they can conform to uneven surfaces, making them the preferred material for gravel roads. An interior channel means that they can be strung with cable or chains to prevent movement on slippery surfaces, so there is no need to permanently mount them.

EPDM Rubber Speed Bumps Are Also Portable
Up to 16 feet in length, these heavy rubber traffic control bumps are also quite flexible and can be folded for easy transport. They are heavy enough to stand alone on the roadway or parking lot without anchors, and when strung with a cable they are protected from theft.

Street Legal Speed Humps
Somewhat gentler than the traditional speed bump, these curved devices are perfect for slowing traffic on public roads, at the entrances to school or hospital parking lots and in apartment communities. Their modular design and easily spotted black and yellow coloration alerts motorists to the need for reduced speed. They also come in an interlocking style for areas requiring a wide strip, with the individual pieces usually measuring only about 20 inches wide. A large number of these rubber humps can be transported with ease and installed in minutes using nothing more than steel spikes or LTD fasteners on concrete surfaces.

A good quality reflective rubber speed bump or the popular rubber or plastic speed humps are the best deterrent against high speed traffic where safety concerns are paramount. Long-lasting and inexpensive, they can mean the difference when it comes to accident prevention, particularly where there is a high amount of pedestrian traffic.

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