Plastic Traffic Barriers

On July 2nd 2012, hundreds of New Jersey’s residents were hit with a violent storm.  As result of this natural disaster, trees were knocked down, homes were flooded with water and thousands residents suffered from power outages. When circumstances like these occur, emergency respondents, utility crews and traffic control must be prepared with the proper equipment that will do the job of keeping civilians safe. This may come as a surprise but, the type of equipment that excels in emergency situations is traffic safety equipment. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using plastic traffic barriers alongside other equipment such as road cones and traffic wands. Together, these devices make it capable for potentially fatal conditions to become less hazardous.

Plastic traffic barriers or temporary barricades are types of safety devices that are able to physically restrict access from hazardous areas. They can be seen on the shoulder of near highway construction sites and on airport runways. A benefit of opting to use a plastic barrier compared to a concrete barrier is mobility. Basic concrete barriers are extremely difficult to move and cannot be handled by using manpower alone. Concrete barriers must be used with cranes while on the other hand; a plastic barrier is manageable by the hand. In the case of a natural disaster, plastic traffic barriers are ideal for hazards that require complete restrictiveness and are perfect for keeping civilians out of harm’s way.

Two other notable devices that come in handy during emergency situations are road cones and traffic wands. Road cones are even more convenient than barriers because they can be stored and set-up anywhere. They can be used to barricade areas, delineate traffic or just to let the public know to avoid particular areas.

Traffic wands are ridiculously bright so if there are any power-outages, one can count on these tools to serve as external lighting resources.  There are several different kinds but all of these devices are ultra bright wands. Each wand glows a piercing neon hue (such as red or green) and be seen from around 100 feet away. The benefit to using ultra bright wands during power outages is that they are much brighter than the flashlight, and are able to make unlit areas glow instead of focusing all the light at one particular area.

There are many upsides to using traffic safety equipment but one factor that will always stand out is that they are reliable. Plastic barriers, cones and wands are all durably made products that can be easily handled by anyone.

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