Portable Rubber Speed Bumps

There are several good reasons why to buy speed bumps and a number of reasons why to purchase portable rubber speed bumps and here’s why.

Portable rubber speed bumps are more durable, flexible and visible than many other styles of bumps. They are an ideal choice for anyone who is the market to buy these traffic calming devices.

A major component in having a solid traffic calming device is always durability. Everyone that purchases a tool wants it to work without having to replace it once every six months. The rubber speed bump is more durable than the plastic speed hump because it is made out of 100 percent recycled rubber. When cars drive over a speed bump, a plastic speed hump would be at risk of chipping because of the unbalanced friction between the rubber tires and the plastic but, when a rubber bump is installed; there is less friction between the tire and bump which results in reduced wear and tear on the bump.

Another benefit to using portable rubber speed bumps is that they can mold to a roadway. Plastic bumps do not bend and cannot be contoured to fit to a roadway. Rubber bumps “flex” therefore allowing the bump to sit snuggly atop of any roadway.

The last major component is visibility. Warehouse speed bumps (plastic) only come in solid hues whereas rubber bumps have reflective strips and “cat-eye” reflectors. This means that all average warehouse speed bumps will not reflect light making them difficult to see the nighttime house. Rubber bumps reflect the light that shines from the headlights of a vehicle, making them impossible to miss in difficult lighting conditions.

Don’t worry when it comes time to purchase. Any well-respected speed bump store offers the rubber model option. On average, a speed bump store carries 4 different styles and the rubber bump is typically at the top of the list.

As discussed, there is much reason to purchase a rubber speed bump over another. Many manufacturers will promise unbreakable devices but the rubber bump will always excel passed others.

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