Reflective Triangles for Semi Trucks

Today’s highways are fraught with dangers. Highway traffic patterns are absurdly dense. Construction projects, inattentive and careless drivers, inclement weather conditions all contribute to the dangers of the road. It is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to travel a mile without experiencing some delay due to an accident a broken down vehicle, or other aforementioned condition. This can stop or delay traffic for hours.

In certain areas the density of large commercial semi trucks can make driving at high speeds a challenge. When these huge vehicles break down, they can present a large safety risk to approaching vehicles, especially in inclement weather or after dark in reduced visibility.

DOT standards and requirements of (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) FMVSS 125 make it mandatory for commercial trucks and buses to carry triangle reflectors as emergency safety equipment. These vehicles are required to be marked in designated places with safety reflectors. The warning triangle comes in sets of three and is the minimum acceptable equipment required to warn approaching traffic of the presence of a stopped vehicle.

It is also required that Conspicuity Tape Strips consisting of alternate 2” wide by 18” long with alternating 11” bands of red and 7” bands of white be placed on trailers being towed by commercial semi trucks to augment their outline and allow a visual sense of dimension and position when stopped along the roadway. They are also required on the truck in designated locations.

DOT and State Highway Patrol Vehicles from all states constantly monitor compliance with this and other safety issues. It is important to purchase triangle reflectors that meet or exceed all DOT standards for reflectivity, size, and weather ability. A properly designed warning triangle is easy to assemble and meets all FMVSS 125 requirements in terms of functionality, size, shape, and reusability.

Safety reflectors and conspicuity tape fall under FMVSS 108(49 CFR571.108) depending on the year of the vehicle and trailer. New standards and amendments to existing standards are implemented and added periodically and are published in Federal Register.

Contemporary driving conditions dictate that safeguards are strictly enforced. The designs of the triangles and safety reflectors and their functionality have withstood the test of time and application. Proper utilization of these devices by truckers will insure vehicle conspicuity and presence perception to oncoming drivers and

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