Road Speed Bumps For Sale

When constructing a new roadway near a driveway or adding those finishing touches to that new parking lot, it is always a solid move to start looking for speed bumps for sale and making the choice to invest in portable rubber speed bumps will be a smart one. These devices are not considered traffic safety instruments but will be effective calming features that aid in upholding a better driving environment for motorists.

The Differences Between a Speed Bump and a Speed Hump

Speed bumps are much narrower and are aimed to reduce the speeds of drivers to between 2 -5 miles an hour while speed humps are wider, and call for drivers to reduce their speeds from 10 – 15 miles an hour. A rubber hump is will also cost less than a rubber bump and if you were to install a rubber hump, it is not suitable for the same types of roadways. Humps are only to be used on schools, hospitals and in areas where the slight reduction of speed is wanted.

Now that we have identified the characteristics of the speed bump and reduced the possibility of accidental purchase a speed hump, it would be safe to start shopping for speed bumps for sale.

Two Different Types of Speed Bumps

Temporary speed bumps rubber is the latest types of bumps that have been released on the market for purchase. Before temporary speed bumps rubber, plastic models were more attainable ultimately making them very popular. But, if you are in search of buying a device that not harsh on tires and can be easily re-positioned at any time, then buying portable rubber speed bumps would be the right way to go.

Speed bumps are always on sale at many major traffic safety stores and the price decreases sufficiently when these items are purchased in bulk.

As a result of applying rubber speed bumps, you will definitely see a decrease in vehicle-related accidents. Pedestrians will be safer and if in a commercial mall parking lot, the workers will also be better protected.

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