Roll-Up Safety Signs: Protecting Road Crews Just Got Easier

With the summer construction well underway along most of America’s interstate’s, highways and road systems, so too is the need to make drivers aware of the constructions crews who call those roads their office. Ensuring the safety of road construction crews throughout the country is the primary concern of both the workers, and the companies who employee them. Because of this, many of these crews use large, reflective signs alerting passing motorists of upcoming road work. In the past, and in some areas today, these road crews have used big, bulky, wooden or metal reflective signs which stand up to the weather, but are also a hassle to haul out to the job site and store at the end of their use given their girth.

Today, these signs have evolved into being made from high-quality, weather-resistant material which can easily be rolled up and stowed at a fraction of the size and cost of their previous renditions. Using a roll up sign as part of road construction safety is a great way to alert drivers of the caution that needs to be taken. They come in a variety of sizes, including the standard 36 inch roll up sign that is used along most highways and interstate construction sites. They are also highly customizable featuring Velcro strips and additional signs with Velcro backing so that in the event there are different tasks being completed on different days, there is still only the need for one 36 inch roll up sign for that particular crew. Again, this allows for easier, as well as much less storage at the end of the day.

Roll up signs can also be customized as a reflective roll up sign

Using a reflective roll up sign assists road crews working through the night, or early in the morning before the sun has risen. Working road-side construction can be a very dangerous job, however; the use of these reflective signs does a great deal to help protect those workers by alerting drivers as to upcoming construction.

One of the best benefits to using roll up signs is their  storage abilities

Currently, there are close to 40 main signs used in these projects, as well as numerous others when distances need to be communicated to motorists (i.e. “One Lane Next 4 Mi.”) Because of all of these potential sign needs, some crews would have to have one truck dedicated to hauling these signs out to the work-site as well as having the space back at headquarters to store them. With the use of these roll up signs, that is no longer the case. With collapsible stands, and roll-up signs, these can be transported and stored with fewer resources.

These signs save lives every year

They protect road crews and keep them safe by alerting drivers to take additional caution when traveling through construction sites. The fact that they can now transported and stored at a fraction of the previous efforts and cost is just another reason for these signs to be utilized when worker safety is on the line.

*Photo Credit: West Sacramento Photo of the Day

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