Safety Barricades Protect Individuals on Foot

Safety barricades provide protection to individuals working on a busy road, clearly mark hazardous areas for pedestrians and motorists, and guide motorists regarding changes in traffic patterns. Traffic barricades of various sizes, shapes, and colors enable workers to adequately notify the general public of potential hazards.

Traffic Barricades for Extended Work Areas

Channelizer Drums clearly mark traffic lanes and road edges. These drums are durable to withstand heavy use and the occasional mishap with a vehicle traveling too fast for road conditions. A recycled tire forms the base of this drum, negating the need for sandbags while keeping used tires out of landfills. The broad base minimizes the drum’s ability to tip over or roll, preventing further road hazards from rogue drums. The bright orange, low density polyethylene resists dents, chipping, and fading. The reflective two stripes of reflective sheeting increase a motorist’s ability to see the Channelizer Drums at night or in adverse weather conditions. For added visibility, flashing barricade lights can be attached to the top of the drum.

Traffic Barricades for Small Work Areas

Folding plastic barricades such as the TrafFix, work well for blocking off a small section of road. Placed across intersections, folding plastic barricades are ideal for marking a parade route. A water department can use these barricades to outline a manhole. A street department could use them to outline a pothole. TrafFix barricades are lightweight and maneuverable. The modular design allows for easy replacement of damaged parts. The impact-resistant polyethylene resists damage and retains its fluorescent color. Equipped with led flashing lights, these barricades are clearly visible in poor lighting conditions.

Pedestrian Barricades

The TrafFix Vertical Panel Crosswalk Barricade reminds motorists and pedestrians of the dangers inherent in crossing through traffic. This lime-green traffic barricade includes a white, reflective panel reminding motorists to stop for pedestrians while delineating the area in which pedestrians may cross the road. The reflective panel contains the universal symbols for “Stop” or “Yield” in addition to the written words.

The Kwik-Cade Barricade System combines portability with visibility. Ideal for marking small sections of road or sidewalk, this traffic barricade meets OSHA standards for warning pedestrians of utility work. The four interlocking fluorescent orange panels that comprise the barricade fold flat for easy storage. The barricade is thirty-six inches tall and forty inches wide when configured in a standard cube. However, the interlocking panel construction enables one to create a box of any size in multiples of forty inches. Reflective sheeting along the top edge of the barricade increases its visibility.

The TrafFix Premier Panel vertical barricade is lightweight and versatile. The broad, recycled rubber base provides stability to the panel. The handle at the top of each panel allows for easy movement of panels throughout the work area. The panels measure forty-four inches tall by twelve inches wide and can be stacked for convenient storage. A mounting bolt hole at the top of the barricade allows one to attach a flashing light to the barricade when needed.

While many individuals do not think about safety barricades, they do save lives and reduce accidents and incidents in designated work areas. Whether the project is large or small, safety barricades provide additional peace of mind for motorists, pedestrians, and workers.

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