Signs for Cones

Safety is very important when dealing with construction. Construction can be incredibly dangerous. This is nowhere more evident than when talking about the dangers of road construction. There are hundreds of hazards from the dangers posed by hazardous machinery to the dangers of passing motorists. An important way to prevent accidents is by posting signs visibly and prominently.

While working on a construction site, there are precious few places to hang the signs needed to alert passing motorists and pedestrians. Other times you simply need to quickly and temporary replace a broken sign. Additionally, signs often have to be moved as work progresses, particularly if workers are moving quickly alongside a road. Traditional metal signs are often metal and bulky and can a take a long time to set up and take down.

A great solution to this problem is to attach road signs to traffic cones. Traffic cone signs are both lightweight and portable. These signs can be quickly set up whenever a need arises. Cone signs are also highly visible. Because traffic cones are so brightly colored, they can be seen for miles. Traffic cones are a universally recognized signal and alert both motorists and pedestrians to the fact that they need to pay attention to something that is up ahead.

Traffic cone signs easily clip on to a variety of traffic cones. No matter what kind of traffic cones you have, these signs can be easily set up and taken down. These signs have specially designed grooves that allow them to work with just about any kind of traffic cones. This means if you buy new cones or have more than one kind of traffic cone, your signs will work just as well. The versatility of these signs means you will be able to put them up anywhere for any reason. Whether you need a portable sign because of quick moving roadwork or a quick fix for a broken stop sign, signs for cones are a great solution.

Cone signs are made of highly durable reusable ABS plastic. They hold up well to all kinds of weather and will last for years to come. The plastic includes a UV inhibitor so they will not be damaged by sunlight. This further adds to the long life and durability of these signs.

Signs for cones come in two sizes, large vertical and standard horizontal. No matter what your need, there is a size for you. They also are available with a reflective finish. Adding a reflective finish to your traffic cone signs will ensure that passing motorists and pedestrians will be able to see your sign.

There are over 64 different signs available. This means that whatever your need, there is a sign available for you. These signs come in all different designs and style. If your need is simple as a temporary handicapped space or as urgent as a lane closed, flooded, or wet concrete sign there are signs available to meet your needs. Signs for cones are also available that say such road construction standards as “Men Working”, “Slow” and “Caution”.

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