Street Cones

These days, the safety and security of people who use the roadways of the United States has become a greater priority than ever before. Whether the people in question are safety workers and highway workers or emergency responders, police officers, or pedestrians, children, and cyclists, a number of laws have been put into place to protect these people from high speed vehicular traffic. One of the most commonly implemented means of increasing the safety of people who traverse the roadways is safety cones. Safety cones such as street cones and highway cones are simple and effective ways to make using public roadways a safer endeavor.

There are a number of kinds of safety cones to consider, and a number of features to keep in mind when shopping for street cones or highway cones. First of all, it is important to know that there are a range of colors a person can buy when purchasing traffic cones. All of these colors will be fluorescent in order to increase the visibility of the cones during the night and twilight hours; however, it is still possible to choose from a wide variety of colors to suit different environments and applications. Two of the most common colors used for traffic cones include orange and lime. However, it is also possible to purchase traffic cones that are yellow, white, or even blue.

A person who is intent on purchasing cones will also need to decide whether to purchase solid color cones or cones with multiple colors. When multiple color patterns are present, they can make the traffic cones more visible during low light periods of the day, which can add to the level of safety the cones are able to provide. The cones that are multi colored will typically include a base color of the cone, such as orange, and a reflective strip that goes around the cone for additional visibility. There are usually two reflective strips, with one spaced a few inches above the other. Both are typically colored silver, though they may also be colored yellow or other bright reflective colors.

Another issue to consider when purchasing cones such as street cones and highway cones is the size of the cones. The standard height of traffic cones is typically 28″, which is slightly more than two feet in height. However, it is also possible to purchase 18″ cones, which are significantly smaller but also significantly more portable. Smaller cones may be ideal in situations where it is important to be able to set up cones and take them down quickly, or in areas where larger cones would pose unnecessarily large obstructions to traffic.

However, they are best used in environments that are primarily composed of pedestrian or cyclic traffic; in environments where cars are going to be present, it is usually better to go with a full sized cone, as this will increase the chances of that cone being visible when a person is driving within a vehicle, where plenty of distractions are liely to be present.

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