Tire Stops for Garage

A simple parking block can easily make the difference between another day on the job and a disaster.  Rubber curbs stops tell a driver where they must stop, which is a great way to keep truck or forklift drivers from pulling their vehicle too far and knocking over product, shelving, or even part of a wall.  With so much weight moving around, it does not take a huge miscalculation to result in a huge problem, so it’s best to be proactive about possible errors and to have tire stops for garage or parking lot installed.

Like in the tricky situations described above, it’s always important to make sure that heavy equipment is being moved and parked in a safe manner.  Heavy trucks or other large equipment may require tire curbing that is more substantial than what can be found in a typical parking lot.  For this purpose, larger truck stops are often more useful.  Solid plastic truck blocks, like the kind that can be found at TrafficeSafetyStore.com, are wider and taller than a traditional parking block, making them more sturdy and durable for use with larger machinery. With a 9.5 inch base and at 7 inches tall, these 100 pound truck stops are designed to handle all the day-to-day burdens of commercial trucking.  They are made from 100% recycled plastic, qualifying for LEED certification and preventing hundreds of milk jugs from ending their lives in landfills, and the entire block is colored, so there is no need for repainting, etc.

Rubber curbs stops are also a cheap, long-lasting, and environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional concrete curbing.  Having some sort of curb stops in place are necessary, because they prevent possible traffic accidents when drivers try to pull forward through other spaces.  They also will safely stop a driver from unknowingly pulling forward an on to a real curb or down on of the small drops that often surround parking lots but are not always immediately visible.  In addition, they also help to keep parking lots organized when the lines dividing parking spaces have faded by indicating parking spaces for drivers to neatly line up in.  Drivers feel safer letting their tires press against rubber stops rather than old-fashioned concrete ones, so using rubber stops encourages drivers to pull forward as much as possible, creating a space-efficient situation.

No matter the type of parking block, it is important to have curbing in place when running any type or parking lot or garage.  Not only does installing tire stops for garage increase safety and reduce accidents, they also give drivers peace of mind by providing a visible indication of a physical barrier other than walls or other obstacles.  Simply put, purchasing tire stops for any parking situation is a great way to keep things safe, organized, and to give them a neat and professional appearance.

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