Traffic Barriers Made From Recycled Plastic

Traffic barriers are a part of our everyday life, whether they are separating traffic in a construction zone or identifying a parking space at the mall, we see them every day. In an effort to contribute to the environmental issues of today’s world, plastic park barriers are now made mostly of recycled plastics collected and bought by the manufacturing companies. This is their way of not only contributing to safety but also to the environment.

There was a time when traffic safety barriers were made of metal and or cement; they were placed on sharp or hidden curbs on the roads. They were supposed to protect the driver from going over a cliff or into the next lane or something like that. The fact is that many drivers die when their cars impacted the traffic barriers forced manufacturers to find other options. Plastic barriers were the answer to the problem, some are made of hard plastic which allows for some bending and breaking before the car is ripped apart, others are filled with water to cushion the impact absorbing most of the impact and protecting the car and passengers.

Drivers had a different problem with cement barriers in parking lots, if for some reason you hit one of them or ran over it, your car suspension would be damaged or your tire rims could be dented and ruined. Plastic park barriers solved that problem, these are made with hard plastic which is capable of stopping a car but they are lower and softer than cement, a car coming at them at a normal speed will not suffer any damage. In fact today, you can find plastic park barriers that will sound an alarm if you get too close to it.

Traffic barriers and plastic barriers do not need constant painting and maintenance, they are not painted, they are made with the color you want them. They can be equipped with reflectors or different colors which make them more visible so they are ideal for any emergency or traffic situation that may arise. Since plastic has a nine hundred year half-life that means that it is not degradable they will remain in place for a long time. This saves cities and police departments a lot of money replacing damaged barriers and it also helps the planet by recycling plastic which may have ended on a land fill somewhere near you.

Traffic safety barriers have to be made of durable materials which will stand the passing of time, heat, cold, sun and rain, it is impossible to repair them and repaint them constantly everywhere. This is why plastic barriers are now used in most countries in the world. Traffic safety barriers do not only have to be durable but they must have the ability to give before the impact of a vehicle, if they are solid and resist the car’s impact, all the energy produced by the crash will probably go back into the car and hurt the people inside of it.

There is nothing better than to help solve two important problems with one solution. These barriers are ecologically correct because they are made from recycled plastic and other materials and they have also saved many lives by being strong yet flexible. It would be nice to see other industries and manufacturers make efforts to contribute to the environment and at the same time solve problems in their particular areas of production.

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