Traffic Control Cones

When looking for safety cones for sale, a variety of factors set out quality cones from lesser types. Consider the type, accessories and durability of traffic cones to narrow down the options and make a selection properly suited to the intended use.

Safety cones come in a wide range of types. Each type has a different shape and use. While all are freestanding and brightly colored for visibility some types of safety cones for sale are better designed for other uses. For ease of storage, look for collapsible traffic cones. Slim cones also take up less space than traditional safety cones. To make setting up easier, grabber models of both tubes and cones can be found. These feature a grab bar at the top of the piece.

Traditional safety cones can have a base to match the cone’s color or a black base. Some prefer the black base models to hide marks on the base. For solid-colored traffic cones, look for types formed from a single piece of PVC. These are more durable because they lack seams that could split. The traffic safety cones should have a reflective tape measuring 4 or 6 inches. This lets the cones be seen in low light conditions.

Tubes, like cones are highly visible, but they are cylindrical in shape, giving them greater flexibility. Traffic tubes types include looper tube and grabber tube. Looper tubes have a loop at the top for securing a rope to create a barrier. Grabber tubes can be picked up with one hand using the handle on top.

Accessories for safety cones increase the uses for the cones. Signs, caution tape and rope turn traffic safety cones and tubes into sign bases or borders. For caution tape and rope, feed the rope through a looper tube top. These tubes have a loop designed to hold up rope to mark off sections. The loop keeps the rope from falling out of the top of the tube.

Cones used for safety should adhere to guidelines for use in traffic control situations. Careful examination of the wide variety of styles available will ensure the best cone is selected for a given task.

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