Traffic Controlling Traffic Barricades

In the event that a company needs to control the cars driving on the roads or the pedestrians walking along the sidewalks, the many different types of cones and barricades can accomplish the goal. They may need to let vehicles know that they will need to change lanes. They also may need to let drivers know in advance that they will be coming upon an area where work is being done on the roads. There may even be dangerous situations up ahead such as a traffic accident that people will need to keep from driving into at full speed. All of these situations can be handled safely with safety barricades.

The many kinds of cones and barricades that exist come in all different sizes. For people who need a large size, they have the choice of the Channelizer Drum that comes in orange and white and is highly visible from a distance away. Another type of barrier is the A-Cade Barricade that contains reflective rails. These safety barricades can be spread out over longer distances than the Drums. Those who need to block several lanes may find the A-Cade Barricade to be particularly useful.

A smaller version of the A-Cade Barricades are the folding plastic barricades. These folding plastic barricades can be easily carried by anyone; they can be folded up and carried away because of their small size and light weight. Even though they are smaller and lighter, they are durable because they are made out of the material polyethylene which is highly resistant to being damaged. Stacking lugs have been added to these folding plastic barricades to make it easy for people to stack them; they will not fall over when stacked using these lugs.

Cones and barricades can also be used to direct pedestrian traffic. One such barricade is the Crosswalk Barricade. These barriers come in small sizes that give drivers different warnings about the presence of pedestrians. They remind drivers that they must either “stop for pedestrians” or “yield to pedestrians” in the highly visible color of lime green. They also inform drivers that it is a state law to either stop or yield to the pedestrians that they see in the crosswalks.

Another type of pedestrian barricade is the Kwik -Cade Pedestrian/Manhole Barricade. These barricades have been made to cover a manhole and protect pedestrians from falling into the hole without warning. They are 36 inches in height and 40 inches wide in a bright orange color that would be difficult to miss from even long distances away. They also have been manufactured to be an alert system for the blind, with a tapping rail added to the bottom of the barricade to inform sightless individuals that they are near a work zone.

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