Traffic Looper Tubes

There is no doubt that the amount of automobile traffic has increased over the years and there is now a greater need to control and manage the flow of traffic. In addition, emergency respondent personnel at the scene of an incident need to protect the public and themselves from secondary crashes; the use of road safety cones help to flow traffic around an incident. There is a very wide variety of traffic safety merchandise that can be used to channelize and control traffic. Looper tubes are employed to allow motorists to know where they can go safely and prevent them from going into unsafe zones.

These tubes are available in many different options. Some can be mounted directly onto the pavement, while others have a base. They can be acquired in different color options depending on where they are going to be used. The ones with looped handles provide greater ease of handling and job flexibility. This makes closing off an area fast and easy; just thread through the loop of two or more tubes with a caution tape and one is done.

The currently available construction cones looper tubes are equally useful at airports as they are on a construction site or a department store. The color choice ranges from the conventional flat orange and fluorescent orange to the newer additions of lime, fluorescent and orange. If greater visibility is required, then reflective stripes of different widths may be added. Construction cones looper tubes are available in a variety of designs. Some cones are slim, allowing more of them to be placed side by side, while others are collapsible and take up limited amount of storage space. Some road safety cones have grippers that make handling easier. The cones are easy to configure, thus provide a quick way of setting up barricades or pedestrian pathways.

Construction workers do not want to spend a lot of time setting up signs or cones to warn people. Looper tubes are easy to transport and set up. In addition, they are constructed from high density polyethylene and contain UV inhibitors that aid in minimizing fading. This means that they will last a long time and will always maintain their high visibility.

The tubes have over-sized flange located at the bottom that firmly holds the base in its place. The bases are crafted out of recycled material and can be purchased in a variety of weights for greater stability. While worrying about the environment may be the last thing on a construction crew’s mind, the fact that the bases are earth friendly is an added benefit. They even have handles that make carrying them from place to place very easy.
Appropriate road signs and highly visible road safety cones help in keeping pedestrians, emergency crews, police personnel and construction workers safe. They are flexible enough to be used anywhere from airports, to banks, concerts, road works and construction sites. They are good for warning and maintaining order. Their use is only limited by one’s imagination.

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