Traffic Safety Equipment

What if Interstate 95 had no road warnings signs? No signs to tell a driver that a lane is about to end or to be prepare to come to a stop.  Our interstate highway would resemble more of our modern day go-kart racing tracks without these signs. Traffic safety equipment does not just include barriers and cones, the reflective orange signs on the side of the roads are the first line of defense for the Department of Transportation and road traffic control workers. All warning signs generally contain a symbol and are circular, triangular, rectangle or diamond shaped. A type of warning sign used interchangeably are the road warning signs. These signs are impermanent and alert drivers that there are potential hazards, unsafe conditions or construction up ahead.

The 36 inch reflective roll up sign is the standard orange warning sign used to indicate approaching conditions. These sign can also be a tad larger (48 inches) and non reflective if requested by the vendor.  People intending to shop for a roll up sign should buy the signs made with reflective material. The retro reflective sheeting is designed to reflect some of the light from approaching vehicles, thus illuminating the signs so motorist will be able to see these signs at night.

Traffic safety equipment and warnings signs are not limited to industrial use only. Triangle reflective flare warning kits are also a form of safety equipment used by individual motorist. The DOT reflective triangles are utilized by drivers to alarm oncoming traffic that there is a broken down vehicle on the roadside. These kits are approved by the FMVSS under standard 125 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations) and have been designed for an easy set-up. The kit includes a simple triangle that unfolds into a tetrahedron (a 3 sided Pyramid), acrylic plastic strip reflectors, florescent plastic stripping, and wire bracing controls. Similar to the road warnings, the triangles illuminate in both the day and night.

Without warning signs, our highways and vehicles would be susceptible to hazardous conditions and disorderly traffic. Highly visible reflective warning signs and triangular kits are preventative tools to insure that each driver will be notified of all oncoming dangerous situations.

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