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In today’s world, safety has become more of a priority on the nation’s highways and roadways than ever before, and for good reason. There are more vehicles on the roadways than at any time in history, and there are also more safety personnel, pedestrians, cyclists, and children on the road.

However, the aging infrastructure of the nation’s roadways means that they are not always as safe as they should be, and it is easy for injuries, accidents, and in some cases, even fatalities to result from roads that do not have the necessary amount of safety equipment. Fortunately, the use of traffic safety products such as traffic safety posts and plastic traffic posts makes it easy to increase road safety without making a significant dent in one’s budget.

When driving on roads that are windy or roads that do not have lights installed along their paths, it can be a real boon to safety to have reflective delineators installed at equal distances along the side of the road. The truth of the matter is that the majority of drivers on the road are simply trying to get from one place to another quickly and safely.

However, due to the hurries and demands of daily life, it is easy for drivers to become distracted, which can turn them into hazards on the roadway. Similarly, distractions within the vehicle such as cell phones, radios, and other forms of entertainment or communication can make it easy to miss crucial signs on the road such as those indicating sharp turns, poor conditions, or animal crossings. When traffic safety products such as traffic safety posts are used, however, the process of alerting drivers becomes easy, and drivers will receive an extra bit of assistance to help them drive safely, no matter what the road conditions are like.

When looking for plastic traffic posts, there are certain qualities to keep in mind that can make the product more effective when it is installed alongside a roadway. For example, it is a good idea for a sign or post to be flexible. Flexible signs are more durable and more likely to remain erect after being grazed by animals or vehicles. Rigid signs, in contrast, are less likely to flex and more likely to be shifted out of position, which can render them useless. Similarly, rigid signs are also more likely to pose a hazard to drivers and vehicles, as the metal used to construct those signs may pose a danger during a high speed collision with a vehicle.

The standard sizes of traffic safety posts is typically around 56 inches, or slightly less than five feet in height. However, this does not take the installation into account; once installed into the ground, they are likely to stand 48 inches in the air, or four feet. A good traffic safety product should be easy to install; it is preferable if they can simply be pounded into the earth with a small sledgehammer. Finally, look for highly visible colors such as white or yellow.

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