Traffic Safety Supply

For those who manage outdoor areas that include parking lots and private roads, there is a danger that there will be accidents. This is true for those in building construction and road construction as well. To stop accidents before they happen is essential to good business practices. It ensures public safety and it wards off workplace injuries. There are a number of essentials for the smart business owner or manager.

Traffic cones and other barricades can keep drivers away from dangerous areas. Traffic cones provide a natural deterrent to accidents by keeping drivers in safe areas and way from potential pitfalls. By preventing accidents and mistakes, a business can ensure that their liability insurance doesn’t get slammed with claims. This keeps insurance costs down for the business, and that makes good business sense.

Speed bumps are important to slow down traffic in busy areas. Keeping speed to a safe minimum is essential to a safe work area and essential to a safe public area. Unfortunately you can put up signs and give lectures to employees, but speed bumps are the only way to be sure that no one is speeding. Again, the key to safety is prevention. If you can prevent speeding by employees and visitors, you will prevent accidents and injuries both minor and major. This helps keep insurance and liability costs low because it demonstrates that the business takes safety seriously. Of course, speed bumps and other safety measures actually prevent the incidents that drive up insurance costs, and that makes good business sense.

Parking blocks are often associated with anything but safety. Cement blocks cause damage if someone mistakenly drives into or over them. Cement blocks also cause people to trip, If you’ve ever walked into one by mistake, you know the toll it can take on the human foot. Not too long ago, the only solution was either don’t have them or keep painting them in the hopes that people would see them before an accident happened. However, now there are parking blocks made out of ‘green’ materials such as 100 percent recycled HDPE plastic or 100 percent recycled rubber.

These parking blocks don’t hurt the human foot and take it easy on the driver who tries to drive over them. Their colors can’t wash off like those painted onto cement, and that means two things. First, drivers will see them for a long time, providing a lasting safety feature. Second, because the colors are dyed into the entire block, thsee 100 percent recycled rubber or 100 percent recycled HDPE plastic blocks won’t wear away over time. So both their shape and color weather well. These blocks provide safety for people and vehicles, keep their color and form for a long, long time and are friendly to the environment due to their recycled materials. With all of these reasons combined, these blocks make great business sense.

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