Type 2 Barricade System

The Traffic Safety Store offers a wide range of traffic barricades, including Type II barricades and A-Cade barricades. It also has an excellent selection of delineator posts.

Type II Safety Barricades

Type II barricades are 45 inches high. They are made from high impact polyurethane. UV inhibitors molded into the barricade make it fade resistant. These barricades feature a modular design. Given the rugged conditions in which these barricades are used, repairs are occasionally needed. The modular construction allows parts to be easily replaced.

The highly reflective safety sheeting is protected by raised edges, to minimize scrapes and other damage over time, The Traffic Safety Store offers stenciling for police, fire and other applications. Custom lettering can also be applied to identify the appropriate construction company, for example. Lettering and stenciling can also reduce theft.

Type I Safety Barricades

Type I folding plastic barricades are also 45 inches high. They are similar to Type II barricades, except that they lack the second lower horizontal reflective panel that the Type II design includes. They are lightweight and easy to move. Like the Type II barriers, they have reflective orange and white striping.

Pedestrian Barricades

A-Cade barricades are an important type of road barrier. One model can be filled with up to 15 lbs of sand for added stability in busy zones. There are also deluxe and economy models. The economy A-Cade barricades are injection molded and they represent a lower cost option.

Regardless of grade, these barricades include bolt holes for the easy addition of flashers. A-Cade barricades feature rails that come in 4,6, and 8 foot lengths. Rails come in 1×8 inch or 2×6 inch sizes. Custom lettering can minimize theft by identifying your construction company or municipality.

Delineator Posts

One of the best ways to improve traffic safety at modest cost is through the use of highly reflective roadside posts. When these posts are used to line an unlit roadway or a winding stretch of road, motorists find it much easier to determine edge of the road.

These posts are 56 inches high and 4 inches wide. After installation, 48 inches of the post appears above ground. The posts are easily installed with a small sledgehammer. The u-shaped galvanized mounting stake is very strong. This helps during installations on gravelly roadsides.

Each post has a high intensity reflective, white panel that is 12 inches high and 3 inches wide. These sturdy reflective panels are made by 3M. These delineator posts are flexible. They will bend and pop back if struck. Choose from either white or yellow posts. Quantity discounts apply for quantities of 50 or more and for quantities of 100 or more.

An online traffic safety specialist store can offer expertise that can save you time when you when you need to address your road barrier needs. Their knowledge is derived from serving numerous customers across the country. An online store with its own warehouse can typically ship in-stock items the same day.

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