Why Custom Lettered Safety Vests are Important

Safety vests are very useful for keeping workers visible in situations where they may not be easily seen. Wearing a custom lettered safety vest makes it easier for construction workers who work near busy roads to be seen. Safety vests may also be worn by people who run or bike near busy roads. Many preventable deaths have occurred on roadways when visibility was an issue.

FAA Approved Safety Vests

FAA safety vests are manufactured specifically to increase visibility. Most safety vests are made of neon colors so that the vest stands out against the dull background of trees, brush and roadway. The vests are generally decorated with reflective tape so that light from each vehicle’s headlights is reflected and the person wearing the vest is easy to spot. The Federal Aviation Administration is concerned with the safety of all transportation workers and recommends that FAA safety vests are worn by every worker so that the incidence of accidents due to limited visibility is minimized. These vests are required to meet the strict standards set forth by the FAA before they are approved and deemed appropriate to be worn by FAA workers.


There are three classes of safety apparel according to the American National Standards Institute. Class one safety vests includes both standard and customized safety vests, but these vests contain small amounts of reflective material. Class one safety vests are not considered to provide a high level of visibility and are not recommended as adequate safety devices. Class two and class three vests may also be either standard or customized safety vests, but they contain enough reflective material to be classified as high visibility. All workers who work on the right-of-way on a federal road are required to wear a safety vest that is classified as class two or class three.

Customized Traffic Safety Vests

Standard safety vests work well for many applications, but designing customized traffic safety vests is a great way to promote a company or designate each vest as belonging to a certain worker. Traffic safety vests should always be designed with safety in mind, so it is best if the pictures or lettering printed on the vest is easy to read. Many companies have safety vests designed specifically for their workers and have the initials of the company name spelled out in reflective tape on the back of the vest. People who drive by are likely to recognize the name of the company and the fact that the workers are easy to spot because they wear reflective vests.

Custom Lettered Safety Vest

Custom lettered safety vests are a great option for people who spend time biking or running along busy roads each day. Standard safety vests are available, but vests can be customized with the name of a bicycle or running group, the name of a cause important to the athlete or even the athlete’s initials. Sometimes an athlete can be easily identified after an accident if they are wearing a vest that is custom lettered rather than a standard safety vest that anyone could purchase at a local store.

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